Itmenaan- The Sister’s mini-break

The trip happened when we (#bffs) decided to re-live our childhood days. Post much of groundwork, one of our sister came up with a top notch place with zero doubts in her head about a refusal from us. ITMENAAN..!She proposed. To my look, every picture of that prodigious land was incredible. Amidst those grandeur lush green mountains,  stood Itmenaan.

We juggled to make the bookings, plan the travel dates, cab booking etcetera etcetera. Everything fell into place when we got settled with the main parts. The trip got planned for the month of April end. We trivially waited for April to begin and then to end.

Embarking the journey to Jageshwar!

Our journey began from Delhi —> Meerut —> Itmenaan. We started at 6:30 am from Meerut (arrived here a day before from Delhi. Just 1.5 hours drive). We got off at a cafĂ© on route just to stretch ourselves and prepare for the long drive. It was 12pm and our car effortlessly running in the zig zags of the hills. The route came out to be longer than expected. We expected a journey of 6-7 hours from Meerut, per the GPS route( this GPS,, sometimes it sucks). Anyway, we were so damn thrilled and excited that we could’t realise the long-ness of the journey. So, after a few wrong turns, misleads and traffic jam, our hunt for Itmenaan ended. We were there at last! Yayyyyyyaayyyy! *All smiles* . 4:30pm, the clock read.

Itmenaan was a 20 min trek down the lane from the main road in the centre of the kumaon hills. Tip: Wear good quality shoes while traveling to Itmenaan. You would thank me for that.

We got Oak and Kafal room for our stay. Yesss.. with a beautiful place comes the awe-inspiring names. Everytime, we had to serve our belly with the sumptuous food, we had to trek down. It was an amusement for us. The picturesque dining area vibed inherited, cultural and traditional with cornered beds alongside gray brick walls and flamboyant cushions.The walls, bundled book shelves, timber tables; it had everything you need to chill and relax. We freshened up and were served delicious and organic lunch. The chef there was a masterpiece; we praised him with tons of compliments every time we ate. They had a well bred staff. We spent rest of the day playing ludo and Pictionary (this was the main agenda to make the staycation happen.. re-living childhood! Remember!?)

Next day, post breakfast and yoga practice, we trekked down the mountains to see a waterfall. To our expectation, waterfall had a very little water, it was April month, but we were excited to make our way through those lane-less mountains. The fun day came up with playing foosball, savouring hailstones, gobbing pahadi dinner and ended up with bonfire and more rain.

Day 3, It was time to head back home (not exciting). After having tummy full breakfast, few photo click sessions and selfies, they acknowledged us with an exciting gift voucher. You surely have to be a well-behaved guest to earn that ;).Our hearts as heavy, we trekked up to reach back to our car. While on our way back we discovered Neeb Karori Baba Temple, Kainchi Dham Ashram. Absolutely unaware of the fact that Neeb Karori Baba’s spirituality is widespread not only amongst the Hindus but between the Americans too. The temple was smooth, touching a running valley and had such incredible vibes that goes hard to outline but one HAS to visit the place to feel the magic. We named it the MAGICAL place. Our trip had been a complete excitement since the time we planned it. The Euphoric Itmenaan journey were emotional, anticipated and something that will never go out of our hearts.

Sharing a few pictures of my journey to Itmenaan and kainchi Dham.

Kids again

A lot of my people asked me to write more about Itmenaan as I kept posting pictures on my Instagram during and after my visit. Thank you for making me write once again. Guys, this is for you and for anyone and everyone who would want to visit the beauty land.


Keep traveling!

The Happiness Cocktail

Everyone of us is trying to escape life for some or the other reason.Depression is taking over the world. Suicides, Anti-depressant pills, sleeping pills and what not. Well, it doesn’t take too much to respond to life in a positive way.We all possess an eternal and indestructible “palace of happiness” within us.

There were days when I felt “How do I live my life?”, I was standing alone in a wasteland.I felt I got no space to live on this battlefield. My daily life was worse than ordinary and was unexciting.With passing days, I figured few hints for a happy life and began valuing countless glittering treasures.

1. Happiness is an inside job


Stop thinking that you need a pastime. Don’t use love as an escape. By that i Literally mean NEVERRR. When in love,life seems filled with drama and excitement; you feel like a leading character in a novel.The fact is that the euphoria is unlikely to last for long. Achieve smiles for yourself by developing your own character.

2. Own who you are

love yourself

I wouldn’t satisfy you by saying that you are flawless. Each of us has our own flaws. But you need not compare to others. The more you compare, the miserable you feel about yourself. Your life is a lot better than a 3-year old kid begging for food on the street. Be grateful for what you have.

3. Travel

Among all, this one’s my favorite. Seeing the world provides an education you can’t get in school. Travel as far as you can. Touch the mountains,swim in the seas,fall from the sky or fly high. Move to different cities. Meet new people, learn their food, language, culture.Trust me, this is fun.

4. Do not be a Bubble


One thing I’ve learnt is,never talk about your goals to anybody. When you do good, there are people who are jealous of your progress.You don’t need such negativity. Do not be a bubble in this life. The world is cruel than you may think and even a touch can be fatal.

5. Adopt a pet if your schedule allows

fur ball
This is not as difficult as it may sound. Once u have a furry ball, your life changes for better. I am absolutely fond of dogs. They are like a partner. You can talk to them, cuddle with them and voila, your body generates happy hormones.HA-HA-HA.

6. Strive to grow and evolve


Indulge yourself in something you have always wished to do.Learn Instruments,music, language,horse ride.Take up a sport, dive in the swimming pool or Penn down your thoughts.

How to live is an inescapable issue that confronts all who are born in this world.A life filled with hope is strong.Give time to it, Nurture it and everything may fall in place.






How I remodeled myself

Hello pretty people 🙂

Ever doubted that fat-shaming is something that happens everyday to almost everyone who have crossed their BMIs.The crunch is, many people figure fat people have no feelings. They are made fun of. That’s what I’ve grown up hearing. I am a girl who is near to her BMI borderline.

During my graduation, I was a fleshy & a chubby girl. I have a family of lean & slim body types. I lived in hostel those days. People generally drain weight in hostels, but my case was absolutely far of that fact. I gained 15 kilos. I was still happy that people love me. But that is NAWWT true my friend. People rather judge you.

I Got a job after college & over the time I noticed how much people work hard to stay fit. The thoughts were taking over. Few months passed & I set up my mind to get in good shape. I was excited to kick off my new routine but was out of faith too. I was still confused. It was Winters, late Nov 2014. I began to drill myself and took my first step to munch on green and healthy. Early morning sessions & I used to come home monkey red & sweaty. NO NO.. I did not do gym, that always bored me. I joined full body workout classes near my home. The music was a stress buster.

In less than four months,I could shed off most of my body fat. I lost 14 kilos. Dedication was noticeable. I looked better than before. But then,I began receiving comments that I look Pale, my face has no more charm,”You looked cute before”.. why lost so much?, is your health okay and Bla Bla stuff. I wondered how to blabber that storm in my head on people’s face.I was confident with what I had achieved. Yes it was an achievement!. My confidence level had raised and I was flaunting my new reshaped body.

A year passed and I again gained weight. I’m still cheerful about How I Look. I now believe in staying fit and do whet-ever I can to achieve my fitness goals. Loving every inch of you is a gift you can give to yourself, One of the best things I have mastered over the years.

I would say,keep away from anyone and everything that makes you feel small. Carry yourself gracefully. Nothing can compare you. You look Outrageous Inside Out just like others.

“Loving yourself is the beginning of a Lifelong Romance”<3 ~Oscar Wilde

My Workout Class Link